Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heading East with Partial Sails

Friday they had lost there auto steering due to a freighter coming at them head on Thursday night. Tom was able to avoid a collision by turning the wheel hard it caused the auto steer to break but they can still steer the boat manually. They were in full sail, could see San Diego on horizon a ways off. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables still, and barbecuing steaks so all was good.

Bill called this morning (Tuesday July 1st) the mast has broken away from the keil and only have one small sail up just poking along not making much headway. A call has gone out to Folkes Manufacturing in the morning and ask them for advice regarding a solution to this problem in hopes they can help advise a rigging system for the GIRI.

The water maker has broken down so Tom is working on that, Bill has a message for his dad - will be moving to Saskatchewan living on land no water or boat going to return to prairie (HA)!

This too shall pass! They are heading for coast and will stop wherever they first land to get boat fixed. For now slowly but surely.......tedious! Bill expects return home to be another 2 to 3 weeks.

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Eleanor said...

Congratulations! Trials and tribulations did not deter your goals. Lots to share in the adventure of your crossing.