Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Radio is Working

They got their radio working, turns out they were trying to use the old broken microphone instead of the new one that they had just bought. DUH!

So now they report their location to www.pacsea.org at 5PM each day.
I'm (Graeme) no nautical expert but doesn't 3POB mean 3 people on board? (2 People and a Cat)

UTC: 24/06/2008 04:00:00
Position: 26°43'N 156°37'W
Course: 340 (°T) Speed: 4.0 (kts)

You can see their position on a map here.

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Eleanor said...

Interesting tracking VA7HAY. Always things to learn.
I'm a grandma again. 9lb 4 oz lovely healthy boy. Love the up front writing of your nephew "DUH" Bill, et al.

Eleanor smiling