Wednesday, June 18, 2008

24 hour Extension

Last night Tom insisted we take the mustang and cruise Waikiki. So there we were looking for parking before hitting the pavement and checking out Prada lapel widths and Louis Vitton tie sizes. We cruised the malacon with honeymooners and hundreds of juniors (20-30 yos). Lots of bittersweet memories of other lifetimes. Regae street bands, shell string necklaces, coconut art, moonlit palm trees amid the rip tides of 2 for 1 conviviality. Beautiful people everywhere in this shrine to holiday happiness.
This morning I woke at 6 am to the sound of jet engines taking off over the boat. 7 am we were at the 12 coconuts meeting doing the dance with Ron and talking about God with Norma Jean. At Pier 1 Border and Customs the Homeland Security folks extended our stay 24 hours. Breakfast burritos and americanos at Red Elephant. Cellphone call saying the steering cylinder is ready. UPS, Radio, Westmarine, harbourmaster, fuel dock and on down the list.

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