Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hawaian Sunday

We just took communion at the oldest church in Hawaii founded 1820. The service started at 1030 and we arrived at 1045. Tom and I had been up since 5 am. I spent 5 hours fixing the head then changing fuel filters on the engine while Tom got the electricity going to the Hamm/SSB radio giving us access to offshore weather. Being filthy from head and engine I jumped overboard and swam around the boat seeing a really large box fish and a school of blue fish. After I got to rinse off the with shower and have the shower pump take away the water. When I came out in clean clothes, Alfred was on his boat holding the plunger arm from his head.
"The cruising world is all about doing boat work in exotic places," I said. He agreed going on to recommend a lagoon and a Fiji Island he'd come from. "All the people do there is eat and procreate and the women take really good care of the men."
For the first day this week, Tom having only been working on electrical, could get away with just washing his hands. Now it's time to look at weather reports to plan passages.

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