Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, the tractor hydraulic fluid didn't do it's job so we decided to head for Honolulu. This is us coming by Diamond Head. The other picture is me with the white mustang convertible. Since we had to rent a car to haul stuff and get about I figured this was it. We just cruised Waikiki to find where the UPS store is that we've had the Wagner steering cylinder seal repair kit shipped to. It's supposed to arrive overnight. West Marine was helpful as always and we got a replacement propeller shaft packing less seal. It's possible we're be able to just tighten the present one as it now appears from looking at the replacement that the problem wasn't as serious as it appeared. It's going to feel good to have the replacement nonetheless and just for good measure I got a replacement kit for the head since I'd used the one I brought to get that up and running again. Tom just tried out the electrosan waste disposal unit without warning me to put on a Hasmat suit. Much to our surprise it's functioning fine. Homeland Security won't be after us because of it. Customs has given us 48 hours to put our ship in order so we're planning on leaving Wednesday morning. Right now Tom is on the phone looking for parts for the Icom Hamm/SSB. The Icom 706 MKIIG unit has an unusual microphone plug that no one likes and though there's an "optional part' to convert this to a regular microphone plug I don't have the optional part. We're still trying to find out why the pactor III connects and then disconnects. Something in the initial communication identification is interfering with email getting out. We're receiving well on the radio so have high seas weather reports.
Meanwhile Oahu is beautiful. Great weather reports continue. The boat is at anchor in Keehi Lagoon. Despite the incredible surroundings I'm really looking forward to getting back to Canada. I just have to steer Tom away from the beaches.

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Randy said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is coming together. Nice car, I bet that won't be the last time you cruise Waikiki, nudge nudge, know what I mean. Take Care
God Bless