Sunday, June 8, 2008

Later Sunday

Bill shorn and weather looks good.


Dave Lindsey said...

Good luck Bill and Tom

Bill I told you I would follow your blog. Well, here I am. Your blog has been informative. However I have not seen one naked gal yet. What kind of blog is that?

I am nearly out of my shoulder brace (ah- that guy)

By the way. If you forgot to enter the L.E.D. you will miss the deadline.


Randy said...

Bill how does the hair cut feel, liberating? It looks good.
I'm sitting here grinning ear to ear as I read your stories.
The video is a great touch.
It will be great to see Giri back home.
All the best to the two of you.
God Speed

TurnPoint said...


Lou and I are looking at you and the water and are green with envy. You're sailing while we're heading on a crazy road trip east that involves teenagers, swimming, driving and friends. We'll sail next month! The boat and you are looking good, although it is hard to believe you cut your hair.Lou & Lynda Turn Poit

Eleanor said...

You look wonderful Bill - happy. Enjoy the challenge of your adventure.


haykind said...

Great to hear from you all. I've been phoning my dad as has Tom and we can say they're enjoying their crazy kids. Tom was in wonder at the moon lit molten waves last night. There's so much beauty. Flying fish today. Dolphins too.