Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kona Boat Work

Flying into Kona the volcanic nature of the island is readily apparent. Tom said he thought he was landing on a moon scape. The lush palm trees surround the airport though along with all the exotic vegetation that the island is famous for. Tom was there to meet me and it was a great reunion. Laughter and that great manly handshake hug.

It was good to reunite with the GIRI too. For two days now we've been working and outfitting, hauling all that is necessary for an ocean crossing from Kmart, Home Deport and Walmart. I even found Reed's Ginger Ale. The engine part has arrived and Tom's fixing that tomorrow. I've been doing inspections and wood work and cleaning tanks. Only wasps got in so my fears were unfounded. Lots of superficial rust to be addressed and bottom painting to be done. A few more days before she goes in the water. I"m aching everywhere from the physical exertion. Good feelings of accomplishment as each day brings us closer to going into the water. Right now we're at the Bad Ass Coffee Co enjoying the sound and sight of the night surf. In the distance a great big ketch is all lit up.


robert m said...

hi bill tom,

I was reading some articles about an EXHAUST FLAPPER


I really think it is important to have one before you head nack to Vancouver

haykind said...

Tom rebuilt the exhaust with the help of a part flown in from Honolulu. My previous pipe had rusted through on the high loop extension. I've a plastic box after of that which is alone supposed to stop water coming b back in. A decade back I added the high loop to provide double protection. We're looking at beating north for a while but will be looking for the following seas north of 38. Bill