Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Elephant

We've just come from the 12 coconut meeting past Waikiki across from the zoo. Heard a old fellow say that he was told he didn't have a good childhood or a bad childhood but it certainly was becoming a very long childhood. Reminded me of Milton who says he doesn't know about having a 'child within' but sure does think there's an 'adult within' trying hard to get out. Right now we're in the Red Elephant, a downtown cafe near the Bishop Street UPS where our parts are being shipped. Jimmy Buffet's, Mother Ocean is playing in the background. We're on hold waiting for the hydraulic steering seal kit and a propeller shaft seal kit and a new hamm radio microphone. This morning we're heading out to have the radio checked by a radio tech, get a prop shaft bushing and do our laundry. It's a bit cloudy so far we haven't had to use the air conditioning in the convertible. In the pictures Tom is demonstrating his personal one man escape dinghy.

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