Friday, June 13, 2008


Tom's been on the cell phone to the new Wagner in Vancouver and has the part number which we need. Apparently there's a part in Seattle and right now Tom's off looking for a quiet spot with my credit card to order it via ups overnight. This gives me time to look for a microphone for the Icom 706 MK hamm radio I have. Right now I'm unable to transmit and while it may be in the program it seems to be the microphone so with another mike I'd be able to solve the problem or move along the diagnostic curve. The Maui Harley Davidson is just down the street and another part we need is in Lahania so it may be we'll rent a Harley for the trip across island. One taxi trip for a part yesterday cost $20. Rent a car's aren't expensive but they can make it harder to leave island whereas a motorcycle could be a compromise (business&pleasure). For now back to the boat for hauling more water to test the bladder repairs and collect the microphone. Cruising = doing boat work in exotic places.

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robert m said...


it seems your already using back up ideas and systems

I wouldn't go unless all primary systems including your sideband is working properly

the ocean is unforgiving

robert m