Monday, June 2, 2008


Arrived with all bags accounted for. Flight made better by MP3 Monty Python, Third Day, Sarah McLaughlin and Anne Murray. I could not hear the two babies demanding first class service in coach. The couple beside me were on their honeymoon. Hot humid tropical air hit when we landed. Though I've been to Hawaii several times it was Saipan that I first thought of. Next the airport itself brought to mind my last transit here with Scotty dog Stuart and calico cat Angel in tow. 12 coconut meeting tomorrow at 7 am in Kapiolani Park. Now for bed with Jimmy Buffet's book, A Salty Peice of Land. Can't imagine why I just don't feel like dancing all night. Might have something to do with Saturday's 250 km Ride for Dad, with the 1020 other motorcycles Laura and I and Harley joined which raised over $100,000 for prostate cancer research. Tom's calling me in the morning to let me know if Kona's Yanmar engine distributor can access the exhaust part that he found we needed yesterday. If so I'll be hopping on Hawaian Air. If not I'll be sourcing the part here before I fly over there.

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robert m said...

hi bill,

you lucky guy

I can just see you going about your business in all the places that are so familar to to me too.

take care,

robert m