Friday, June 13, 2008


We're on Maui still looking for a solution to the Wagner hydraulic steering system. Hawthorne here were terrific and would restore it and add seals and rings if we had the replacement kit however Wagner went out of business. This was the same problem I had with their autopilot electronics. Tom's looking for the specifications of the seals and rings on the other Bad Ass Coffee Co computer. Otherwise we'll get by with heavy hydraulic oil and trust our Hydrovane self steering system which bypasses the hydraulics. I did get all the patching done on the water bladder and hope it will hold. Chafe wear from previous trip.
We're anchored off the paddling club here. The picture of Tom and I is from this morning when we came over in the dinghy. The boat's there in the background. I forgot to say earlier we saw flying fish on our way. Angel my cat would like to know that sort of detail. Also that Maui has an excess of wild chickens. Very colourful.

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