Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Adventure in Slow Motion Continues

Well, it's the day of departure. Tom was up till 3 working on the packingless sealer for the rudder shaft. The existing one has been improved on satisfactorily avoiding the final combat with flanges which the new one we received through the Bishop Street UPS would have required. The steering shaft seal works marvellously now that we've expelled the air from the tractor fluid. The radio microphone arrived and with the tech serviced radio is transmitting and receiving just fine. Allex Viernex at NavTech was a real source of help and support as were the folk at Oceantronics. Kat's General Repairs Inc. and Ed Dang Machine shops were terrific too. Homeland Security also did it's best to encourage our departure. This morning we joined the 12 coconut meeting before saying prayers again at St. Andrews Episcopal Cathedral. Now it's just a matter of putting 2 more bolts in the flanges, confirming shaft allignment, stowage, dissassembling the dinghy, leaving the mooring buoy in Keehi Harbour and filling up with fuel and water. I found an organic food store yesterday where I replenished the fruit and vegetables and stocked up on my favourite Reed's Ginger Ale. Now we drop off the glorious mustang with Enterprise. The weather reports are without warning but fresher. The adventure in slow motion continues.